Anyone wanting a writer?

2009-07-13 17:42:40 by SpikeBlu

Thought I'd see if anyone is looking for a writer to collaborate with or needs a writer in general. You can ask me questions/ comment here or on my Forum Thread

And before I get more folks saying, 'no one will want you unless your paying them', I am doing this for the sake of animation. I'm not hunting folks down to animate my stories. I want to lend my talents FOR FREE to collaborate with others who are wanting some help. That's all. So if your interested, please reply here, on the forum, or PM me.

Well, I joined NG a few days ago and thought I should post some kind of news to those who just happen to be ogling by my profile might want to know what I have been up to. Well, not a whole hell of a lot. Just recently I bought Ghostbusters: The Video Game for PS2 and I really like it... except for the fact I think I have a defective disk. I'm also working on getting a new job and planing a Thanksgiving/ Christmas holiday with my neighbor.

That's really it. I'm a boring bastard. :P