Entry #2

Anyone wanting a writer?

2009-07-13 17:42:40 by SpikeBlu

Thought I'd see if anyone is looking for a writer to collaborate with or needs a writer in general. You can ask me questions/ comment here or on my Forum Thread

And before I get more folks saying, 'no one will want you unless your paying them', I am doing this for the sake of animation. I'm not hunting folks down to animate my stories. I want to lend my talents FOR FREE to collaborate with others who are wanting some help. That's all. So if your interested, please reply here, on the forum, or PM me.


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2009-07-20 23:07:06

I could use a writer to help me out with some of my upcoming projects, gimme a pm if interested.


2009-07-22 00:44:18

thanks for the ten man :3


2009-07-27 21:28:08

My main choice in animation is Sprite flash as you can see by my submissions, really I was looking for a writer to help me out with my own stuff and ideas but to have well written storylines and scripts would open alot of doors and hopefully ignite sprite flash' flame once again. That's where you come in, by helping out writing some stuff and I'll animate into a sprite flash.
Hopefully then the NG community will see that sprite flash can be alot more than Mario killing Sonic.

Ps: I couldn't messege you back 'cause you only accept pm's from contacts.
Make sure to messege me back though.